Children's Worship

Children age 4 through fourth grade are encouraged to participate in Children’s Worship and Wonder, a special worship and education experience designed just for them.  These young people will come to the sanctuary for the beginning of morning worship, and then leave the service for Worship and Wonder after a short children’s sermon.  Worship and Wonder takes place in the church library, located just to your left as you leave the sanctuary.  You can pick your children up from the library following worship. 

This ministry uses a Montessori approach of storytelling as a primary means for encountering God. God is experienced.  It gives appropriate freedom so young children can respond to stories of God through continued work with the story figures and art materials.  It enables young children to bring their life experiences into dialogue with God within the context of the biblical stories.  And, remarkably, it provides a way for young children to tell the stories of God to others.

A trained Storyteller and two Greeters lead the worship experience. Each child is personally welcomed by a Greeter as they prepare to enter the “Worship and Wonder” Center. The children and Storyteller sit in a circle on the floor.  Children praise God through music each Sunday. They experience the stories of scripture by expressing what they have learned through artwork or revisiting a previous story.  They share in this sacred worship service which concludes with a “feast” (crackers and juice).  Children may bring an offering to God or they may present their artwork as a gift to God during their worship experience.

 At the close of our adult worship in the sanctuary, parents/grandparents come and wait at the door of the “Worship and Wonder” Center. Each child receives a personal blessing from the Storyteller after which they are individually dismissed to their family.