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We believe learning is a life-long process. Our goal is to help each child to create meaningful, relevant, and powerful connections to the real world. Our enriching environment allows children to wonder while feeling secure, taking risks, enjoying self-discovery, and sharing ideas. We strive for a balanced, nurturing, caring and developmentally appropriate approach to education. 



Circle Time/Story Time:Circle time is a special time of gathering for the children during which they share songs, finger plays, rhymes, read stories, and participate in movement activities and relaxation games. 

Center Time and Art Activity:This child-directed time allows children to learn to make choices, work together, and create. Children learn about different art mediums including paper and ink, paint, clay, play dough, and a selection of sensory materials. 

Math and Science Enrichment:Children use concepts such as adding, taking away, weighing, measuring, graphing, cooking, observing, comparing, predicting, and documenting.

Music and Movement:Children play musical instruments, sing, and move their bodies in different ways.

Social and Emotional Learning: Daily positive and caring communication with children helps to build their self-worth.

Spiritual Growth:Children attend chapel and hear the Spirit of the Lord’s word each day.