Pumpkin Patch – Field trip taken by 4k classes to Baker’s Farm in Harpersville.

Fall Festival – our annual fund-raiser: food, games, fun room and raffle, 

Community Helper Visits – visit from firefighters, dental hygienist, musician, etc.. 

Library Story Hour – local storyteller share seasonal books. 

Thanksgiving Feast – All children eat together in the gym dressed as Pilgrims and Native Americans. 

Individual Pictures – taken in October.

Class Pictures – taken in April. 

TAN Circus – 3k and 4k classes dress up as their favorite circus animal and perform in the gym for parents and other visitors. 

Valentine Tea – A special day for Moms to come to share a special snack. 

Donuts for Dads – A special day for dads to share donuts and juice. 

Easter Egg Hunt – all children share the special time with their class. 

Art Show/Musical Fair – Our gym turns into a art gallery with artwork from all our children.  3k and 4K classes sing special music.  

Weekly Chapel – 3k and 4k classes taught by First Christian Pastors. The children learn to pray, hear Bible stories, sing Christian songs.