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  • We are followers of Jesus, called by God to gather and nurture a growing community of disciples. 

  • Since 1874, First Christian Church has joyfully welcomed all people to worship, serve, and grow in their relationships with God and one another.  In 1981, the congregation moved from downtown Birmingham to our current campus on Valleydale Road in the North Shelby County suburbs.  First Christian Church is a congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and dedicated to being a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. 

  • Some churches want something from you; we are more concerned with what God wants for you: a worshipping community, holy friendships, dynamic spirituality, a sacred purpose, joyful generosity, and a faith worth sharing.


  • As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us. 

  • We believe in the centrality of scripture, recognizing that each person has the freedom - and the responsibility - to study God’s Word within the community of the church. 

  • We practice the baptism of believers, while also recognizing baptisms performed in other churches, and believe that through their baptism all Christians are called to use their gifts in love and service.

  • We hear a special calling to make visible the unity of all Christians, proclaiming that in our diversity we belong to one another because we commonly belong to Christ. 

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